Ice Rock Mining – Is it a scam?

EDIT: Have a look at the comment section, you can see how upset they got about this article

First and foremost, why do we already criticise this coin in the title? The answer is simple. To this day, most cloud mining startups/companies are a scam or Ponzi scheme. Because of this fact, we will be investigating Ice Rock Mining’s ICO with a very critical view.

The Investigation

Network Analysis

The Site seems to be hosted on a VPS, with 3 other sites hosted on it as well. The site is protected by CloudFlare.

The four websites hosted on the VPS are:

All sites but for opticsplanet are owned by Malik Murzashev. Let’s see what Mr Murzashev has been up to:


Image of the about us site, as you can see its empty
Наша Команда means “Our team” and Наши Клиенты means “Our clients”. It seems as if this company has 0 employees and 0 clients – wow! is an auditing site. It doesn’t look very serious, the site is filled with stock images and the “About us” page isn’t even done – The “Our Team” and “Our Clients” Tabs are empty. Additionally, they list their areas of expertise in percentages. So they claim to be 90% specialised in Manufacturing, 62% in retail and so on. That doesn’t really make sense, does it?

They have a Gmail as their business email – this is very unprofessional.

On their website, they claim to have more than 35 years of experience and show some licenses to prove it. We weren’t able to validate the certificates, but we noticed that they were licensed to a Kontakt TOO. This might be okay, but their site is called “” and there is another site called “” – did they steal their paperwork? Note: We have no solid proof for such a claim, but there is a high likeliness of our claim being true.


This site seems really unprofessional and I would not trust it.


Adaptationca is a site offering political asylum for the USA. Again their page has the infamous WordPress percentage plugin. This time the percentages show the likeliness of you being accepted in the respective immigration office.

The social links in the header don’t work, they just link to, and Again they have a Gmail as means of contact.

They also have the generic “100% Satisfaction Guarantee” along with other seals in the footer to make it more “real”.


This is obviously a scam/fake site that was created with little to no effort.


This site looks perfectly fine and has no sketchy elements. It has an Instagram linked to it, with a surprisingly high amount of followers – some might be botted. On the Instagram, we can already see pictures of the cave. Why would you make an ICO if you already have all the required structure? It seems as if they already have most of their equipment and don’t need any money.

Ice Rock Mining Tunnel



At first sight, the ICO site looks really good and so does the Instagram. However, having looked at Maliks Murzashev’s history we would advise against investing.

Here are some of the reasons:

  • The website claims to double your money in 3 months. Furthermore, their profit calculator promises tripled earnings if you wait until May. This is too good to be true.
  • Malik Murzashev operates 2 very sketchy sites.
  • The domain is registered to an address in California even though it should be in Kazakhstan
  • The team has two kids onboard, of whom one has “extensive experience in regards to the requirements of launching massive mines in the CIS”
  • The CEO claims to have been the CEO of, which supposedly served 20k customers yet has only 8 reviews on google.

There are just too many red flags and things that don’t add up to invest with a good conscience. Do not invest.

We hope you learned something and that this article was okay to read. Please let us know if you liked this kind of “Investigation”!

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I suggest you to visit a site on which there is a lot of information on this question.


September 2018 – they posted videos about receiving 500 s9 asics 3 weeks ago. Still no payouts, no mining. I have invested 370$ in March. Wel, I got scammed 3 times since then so I’m obviously really bad at this :D


Yeah I saw a commercial from them today telling people to hurry up and get in before the deadline, im calling bullshit on ice rock mining….no thanks.


Fake theres no money and if he doesnt pay what will you do?


Dont get upset that everybody knows this is a childish ploy to steal americans money who wont be able to do anything becausevyour in russia you have a youtube video with big heavy wire on a crane with nothing else.. america do not be fooled!!!’


I like the article.. I used to ran a bitcoin based company and putting real information for clients like my address and my phone was basic. I won’t invest


Evan, I really enjoyed your article and the ridiculous funny comments and your even better answers on those comments :-D Love it. Still, I have seen this after having invested a fair amount and was thinking about investing heavy, now I’m giving it a second and third thought. IRM, I want to believe… Can’t you just answer to the facts or potential FUD lies with your facts? That would give me a better feeling. For clarification: I’m on the edge of investing 50k+ dollars right now, if you can calm down my doubts. Thxs!




When I see a bird that walks like a duck and swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, I call that bird a duck. So this is a scam!! Nobody would create a company like this.. really, why should he do that? I have good conditions, good equipment, good Experts and can make a lot of money. And than i give 50% of my profit away? WHY??? No IRM.. not in this universe :P

Harry Richard

Came to see if IRM is a scam and I came out with LOLs. Nice. How to survive the internet crypto world… keep away from scams. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. If you fall for a scam, well…. that was the price you had to pay for valuable education.