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BAT and AdShares are two projects with similar ambitions – to disrupt the current digital advertising economy by facilitating peer-to-peer exchanges between advertisers and publishers. While the two projects do differ in many facets, it is safe to say that they will be competing for some of the same market space in the years to come. We have also recently compared BAT with another project (AdEx) looking to occupy some of the same market space, which can be found here.

Here is a quick description of the two coins so you don’t have to rely on our opinion and can form your own. We’d be interested hear your thoughts about this. Let us know in the comments!

BAT – Basic Attention Token

Official site:

Current state: The BAT system is currently being implemented in the Brave browser with increasing popularity among end-users and publishers. Up-to-date news and information about the Brave browser can be found on their website:

The Idea: BAT aims to revolutionize the way advertisers, publishers and users interact on the Internet. The current system of web-advertising is flawed, and relies on forced tracking and privacy infractions, imposed on end-users and publishers alike, via an extensive network of “middlemen”. BAT wants to change this paradigm by removing middlemen, providing browser security, and rewarding users directly for viewing ads. The basic concept is simple — The Brave browser anonymously monitors how much attention users are giving to certain ads or content. The more attention users spend viewing ads or content, the more BAT they are rewarded. Users can then use BAT to support their favorite sites, purchase premium content or offer it to other Internet users in exchange for viewing specific content. Users can choose if they want to view ads, and because of the transparent nature of a public ledger, users can be certain the ads they are viewing are coming from reliable sources.


ADST – AdShares

Official Site:

Current state: AdShares has released their ERC20 token and the crowdsale has finished. They have released a demo of the front end of their “Adserver”, but have stated that they cannot complete the back-end development due to an unexpected issue with their development process. Investors are anxiously awaiting the implementation of the new ESC Blockchain, and the exchange of the intital ERC20 token (ADST) for the newly minted ESC token (ADS).

The Idea: AdShares aims to develop a peer-to-peer, decentralized market place for programmatic advertising. By facilitating transparent and efficient relationships between advertisers and publishers, the AdShares platform hopes to solve the problems plaguing the opaque and congested web-advertising market of today. What sets AdShares apart from BAT, and other similar projects, is the fact that AdShares will eventually be using its own ESC Blockchain, rather than the Ethereum Blockchain. This proprietary blockchain promises to facilitate a higher number of transactions and transaction speeds than that of Ethereum, and should therefore overcome the potential scalability issues facing similar projects utilizing the Ethereum Blockchain.



We tried to gather as much as data as possible in order to compare it. Here are the results. Please let us know if we missed something.


Basic Attention Token

495.75 BTC / 5,331 ETH – Total Market Volume (24 hr) ( —

67k Twitter Followers – @attentiontoken   —

15k Reddit Subscribers – r/BATProject   —


1.8 BTC / 19.28 ETH – Total Market Volume (24hr) ( —   Less than 1% of BAT

2.1k Twitter Followers – @adsharesNet   —   ~ 65k Less Than BAT

350 Reddit Subscribers – r/adshares   —   ~ 14k Less Than BAT

BAT is currently well ahead of AdShares in terms of adoption and milestone achievements. This is due to a combination of BAT being a much older, more established project, and recent statements on AdShares’ Medium page stating they are facing some issues with their developers possibly leaving the project.


Both competitors are displaying a roadmap for their token. It is yet to be seen if AdShares will release their ESC blockchain on time.

Basic Attention Token

BAT Mercury (summer 2017)  Integrate BAT into the Brave browser

BAT Gemini (fall 2017/winter 2018) – Machine learning to fight fraud

BAT Apollo (rest of 2018) – Integrate BAT into other apps


AdShares ICO Commencement: 07. June 2017

AdShares End of ICO: 12. January 2017

AdShares Adserver Demo:  Jan 2018 (pushed back to March)

Launch of ESC Blockchain: Feb 2018

Launch of adUser, adClassify services and AdShares Adserver beta: Q1 2018

Run gateways between ad market and AdShares: Q2 2018


The Teams

The people behind the respective tokens play a huge role in the coin’s/token’s success. We checked out their LinkedIn profiles to gain some insight into the structure of the company.

Basic Attention Token

FoundersBrendan Eich (Co-founder of Firefox & Mozilla), Brian Bondy (Senior software engineer at Mozilla)

Employees: 14 (+2)


The team consists of many people who have worked with big projects, such as Netscape, Tor and Mozilla. Ignoring that they have the co-founder of Firefox onboard, we weren’t able to find any other interesting facts such as relatives and similar origins in the team.

The BAT team is working two different jobs at once – to a certain degree. On paper, the BAT Team is also working on the Brave browser. In reality BAT and Brave go hand in hand, not causing any additional distraction.


Founders: Jacek Zemlo (founder of (MMORPG)), Dr. Leszek Rychlewski (CEO at BioInfoBank and adviser to the Polish Bitcoin Society)

Employees: Unknown


Information about the team, it’s size and previous history is limited on the AdShares website. Both founders appear to be of Polish decsent, and do have solid work histories behind them. It appears as though AdShares is utilizing the third-party development service “10clouds“, but we are unaware of how involved 10clouds is at this moment. There is no indication if the recent posts on the AdShares Medium blog regarding losing a portion of their development team has anything to do with 10clouds or not, but this does raise alarm bells in regard to the consistency of the project’s team.

So what is better?

In our opinion, BAT is a much more developed project, with a stronger team and the added benefit of the already-functioning Brave browser. Both projects aim to do away with the middlemen (agencies) that clog up our current advertising marketplace, but without many milestone achievements made by the AdShares team at this point, it is difficult to compare the two projects.

Hypothetically, if AdShares can implement their ESC Blockchain in a timely fashion, and prove that they can achieve their stated goals on time, we could potentially see AdShares begin to gain traction in the digital advertising space. In fact, if the ESC Blockchain can scale as well as they state it will be able to, BAT could potentially become a customer on the AdShares platform. Until then, BAT has a stronger direction, a more developed project, a much larger community and less uncertainty surrounding their future progress.



Please let us know your thoughts on this!

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“…but without many milestone achievements made by the AdShares team at this point, it is difficult to compare the two projects.”

Kind of? BAT wins handily every category, and right now it’s questionable if Adshares will even survive till summer 2018 much less reach a milestone. I’d say it’s impossible to compare them.