Let’s keep this article short, as its fairly obvious why Avesta’s ICO won’t work out.

Quick overview

On their website they state that they want to make cryptocurrencies easy to use and enabling the use of cryptos at PoS. They claim to be “part of a constantly worldwide growing community with cryptocurrency enthusiasts, developers and investors”. Now that is the most original and revolutionizing goal I’ve ever heard!


No of course not! They are basically a bad mix of Worldcore, Wirex and eBanking.

Why won’t Avesta work out?

To be honest, a quick glimpse at their website will suffice. I’m not saying that it’s appearance is a deal breaker, but it reflects the professionalism of the team. Furthermore, if you read what they wrote (provided you were able to understand the gibberish) you will most likely agree with me – they don’t have a clue what they’re talking about and its full of grammatical errors!

Let’s take a look at their whitepaper as an example:

The Avesta Whitepaper
Blockchain mining makes it “advanced”???

They have a bad team

It goes without saying that one developer won’t be enough to “make cryptocurrencies easier and integrate them into PoS”

Ridiculous roadmap

In its current state, Avesta will never be able to launch on Jan. 2018 – they don’t have anything yet, the “app” showcased in their app was probably made using MS Paint!


I could go on and on, but I believe that my point is made. For a good laugh, you can take your own look at their site and try to find as many flaws as you can :)


Nope. This won’t work out. However, if you would like to invest in a similar ICO/Coin I’d suggest you read our articles on Worldcore and Utrust

Disclaimer: As all “Scam Alert” articles, these posts solely show the authors opinion. Please read our FAQ for more details.

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