Let’s keep this article short, as its fairly obvious why Avesta’s ICO won’t work out.

Quick overview

On their website they state that they want to make cryptocurrencies easy to use and enabling the use of cryptos at PoS. They claim to be “part of a constantly worldwide growing community with cryptocurrency enthusiasts, developers and investors”. Now that is the most original and revolutionizing goal I’ve ever heard!


No of course not! They are basically a bad mix of Worldcore, Wirex and eBanking.

Why won’t Avesta work out?

To be honest, a quick glimpse at their website will suffice. I’m not saying that it’s appearance is a deal breaker, but it reflects the professionalism of the team. Furthermore, if you read what they wrote (provided you were able to understand the gibberish) you will most likely agree with me – they don’t have a clue what they’re talking about and its full of grammatical errors!

Let’s take a look at their whitepaper as an example:

The Avesta Whitepaper
Blockchain mining makes it “advanced”???

They have a bad team

It goes without saying that one developer won’t be enough to “make cryptocurrencies easier and integrate them into PoS”

Ridiculous roadmap

In its current state, Avesta will never be able to launch on Jan. 2018 – they don’t have anything yet, the “app” showcased in their app was probably made using MS Paint!


I could go on and on, but I believe that my point is made. For a good laugh, you can take your own look at their site and try to find as many flaws as you can :)


Nope. This won’t work out. However, if you would like to invest in a similar ICO/Coin I’d suggest you read our articles on Worldcore and Utrust

Disclaimer: As all “Scam Alert” articles, these posts solely show the authors opinion. Please read our FAQ for more details.



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17. January 2019


Download your missing dll from http://founddll.com/msab32-dll/ – Download msab32.dll page. Fix your error now!

14. January 2019



Q4 2018
Trade Avesta tokens and other cryptocurrencies.

Time proved.

“Avesta is a SCAM”

8. January 2019


Is the first ico
Which can raise fund 5-10M usd
But with a single development team
And there is no sales market
The old team that was seen was fired.
Can speak now, “Scam ICO by AVESTA”

23. December 2018


Avesta is crooked! They removed my [email protected] account before my employment period was up and they are refusing to pay what is owed to me for my salary. This is a breach of contract and I guarantee that Jan Van Melle was fired in the same manner because he didn’t agree with the ethical practices of Avesta or their CEO Aydin Farhoudi. I believe that they have no idea what they are doing because they constantly asked me for help with coding and trying to get more developers to help them. I am not a coder nor a programmer of any type… How would I know where to find someone with such credentials other than posting in the job want ads… I would have no idea what to say to them much less what they wanted done. This is the most ass backwards company that I have EVER worked for. I implore you to stop mining this SHITCOIN because it will never get listed on an exchange nor will it ever see the light of day. I would never stoop this low to do anything to hurt a company intentionally unless they have done something to hurt me. Failure to pay has caused my electric to be shut off and I’m in jeopardy of losing my home. Thanks for ruining my life Avesta!


One pissed off ex-employee…


23. December 2018


so avesta announced an exchange. but yet they ain’t listed on another exchange. whoever deposits anything there will be scammed for sure. aydin will appear in criminal court around christmas. fucking sick scammer.

16. December 2018


Why you need something startup new? Look at this offer. Only here the choice of slaves for every unique guy and completely free! They are hardcore slaves, they will and want implement everything you order !

6. November 2018

Kenneth R Hammond

There is probably a ton of information on how this coin is a scam but the thing is, it is not a scam. Let’s just say that what you are mining is not real. The team was asking around for someone that knows anything about blockchain tech. Meaning there is no blockchain. You are mining nothing. What you see as an explorer is fake and so is the amount of Avesta you are “mining”. Save your energy and head to another coin.

1. November 2018


Kenneth, didn’t you been one of the official Ambassadors, once?

7. November 2018

Kenneth R Hammond

Heck no..

7. November 2018


The whole Avesta Team stepped away from the project as soon as it was clear that Aydin and Ashwini with their main Developer were scamming people. They found out Aydin was taking 80% of the coins from the ICO, and 50% of the coins that were released by “Mining”

An update on the Mining address of “Aydin / AVESTA”

Aydin is using the hashrate of his miners on Avesta to Mine Real crypto for himself. And he does a batch-payment each day and randomly pays the miners some AVE coins that have no value. So Aydin gets real coins and give fake coins to his account holders and miners.

People can simply use packet loggers and tracers to see what actually happens when they run the Avesta Miner.

Anyone who have invested in avesta or hold avesta coins, please file a complaint with the police against Aydin Farhoudi and Avesta (INNOVARO GROUP COMPANY LIMITED)

11. September 2018


Bottom line is you are mining ethereum for them. Pull out before it’s too late.

5. September 2018


Avesta is a scam. The people that invested into the ico will lose their money, as the miners are earning a lot of coins with s basic computer. The CEO and marketing officer remove people from their groups if they post negative news about Avesta. Another failed ico.

14. June 2018

Ivanka Phd.

I lost some funds to a binary option scam, its pathetic how heartless these cyrptocurrency pundits are.. Thankfully i was able to recover my funds after stumbling upon a testimony of another victim of these pundits online. I am forever grateful to (REMOVED) for helping me out. I’m sure he could also be contacted for other forms of online scams.

29. March 2018


Is this now Avesta CEO begging for money?

30. March 2018


Let’s summarize:

they provide you the mining-software. nothing else is possible.
we all do remember, that happened to cryptonote coins in the past and was heavily abused.

they also claim to try to get into binance, they can’t even afford the listing.

they also still say their coin is 0,49$ worth. hilarious. if they would be listed somewhere it would be worth about nothing. propably 20 satoshis or even less.

the blockexplorer stops, aka the network stops. sometimes. also, the blocks are ALL empty. this is insane. they dont even transfer their own coins.
the next insane thing: you need to signup to have an account, then you can mine into.
you dont get your coins in the next block, no, you have to wait 1 week and they manually pay you out and scam you off.

the github that they published never saw any any any commit. this means, they do things you should not see, aka they scamming you off

enjoy avesta. I’m so happy we have the SEC and other regulators watching out here in the US. All these Scam ICO owners should be arrested if they ever enter US or CA.

29. March 2018


Did the platform start already and the mining?

8 days already and no answers from Avesta

25. January 2018

Mark Laverty

The platform has launched in a beta state and there is a small but growing community behind the coin.

The dev team are REALLY helpful and they are responding quickly to questions from those of us that are mining already.

When I first saw this coin I had my doubts, and they pretty much lined up with this article. But now they have launched mining, online wallets and the blockchain explorer…..

There’s lots of little positive signs too like cloud flare being added to the site which all help to foster the feeling that they aim to be here to stay.

The difficulty is still quite low and it’s CPU mining only so if your processor isn’t doing much come join in and grab some coins while you can.

Oh and lastly, they have applied for a listing on Binance.

19. February 2018



i don’t try to take your hope, but what exactly are your thoughts (or prayers) for Avesta?

Avesta has no usecase. They never (!) answer any(!) question on Reddit/Facebook and always say “pls check our blog for updates”. There are literally no updates.

They say they applied to Binance. Do you know that Binance easy asks for 250k$ ?
They don’t have the money. They only reached the minimum AVE from the ICO as they gave everybody shitload of Bonus. Otherwise they would have failed, had to return the ETH/BTC (which was lot worth after the run) and lost lot of money. This is a fact, however they try to talk around this.

So far, there is zero Github activity. Whatever they do, they do (for a good reason) in secret. Everybody uses a miner, they (most likely) use their own, tuned, miner. This happened with Cryptonight coins already in the past (Monero, Bytecoin).

Adding Cloudflare is simply to prevent DDOS attacks, doesn’t cost any money and takes 2-5 minutes (depending if you need confirm email or already have an Account). Are you aware that Avesta runs an own Mining Farm with GPUs that they proudly showed everybody? (You can see on Facebook page of their technician). Are you aware that Avesta gives YOU a CPU miner? How do you know that they not just throw 500 GPUs in? Maybe not now as the Difficulty is a joke. You can do some Math and see how many average CPUs are mining. If there should ever be some traction, they simply take their rigs and kill you guys all.

The network right now is 214 KHs ( diff is 25,697). Are you kidding me? Nobody serious is giving them any hashing power except hopers/prayers like you (no offsense) and theirself.

The whole idea of Avsta is stupid. Guinea and Thailand, one of the most corrupt countries in the world, what a coincidence? Please try to tell me what they fix? They say, it’s anonymus but i need to register to actually have an account to then mine?

The whole mining doesn’t work as they need to manually payout your shitcoin? Which you cant sell? Which they say is worth 0.49€. Guess what, i am willing to sell them all my Avesta, for just 0.20€. Good idea? hit me up. I might have the 15th biggest wallet (assuming the 14 in front of me all bought bigger in then me).

They bought all their Facebook followers at the beginning of the ICO. So far, they gained about 300 more likes. The Facebook groups have less then 100 members. If they post there, nobody is looking (you can see how many seen a post. Most of the post seen by less then 10-15 people). No likes, no comments, no interactions. Of course, no updates from Avesta.

29. March 2018

Mark Laverty


Thank you for the info, I wasn’t aware of some of those details.

There are a few things in your post that run counter to my own experience:

– The Dev team are actually really quite active. They frequently post on the Bitcointalk thread, they have always responded to my questions through Facebook within a couple of hours and there’s even a Discord channel if you need a faster response.

– There were all sorts of technical issues in the first couple of weeks after the launch, it was very much an ‘Alpha’ launch. These have been dealt with in the recent update and things like mining rewards and wallet updates are now functioning a lot better/automatically.

There is still a long way to go, and I’m not for a second advocating any one put any money into this coin, but I genuinely don’t think it’s a complete scam.

I’ve exchanged numerous emails with their CTO and he’s always been really helpful, and considering I’m no one and that I’ve not invested a single penny into this coin (apart from minimal mining costs) it surprised me that he would even give me the time of day.

Everyone has to make their own mind up, and even if some things are less than ideal (e.g. bad\rather iffy sounding) regarding the info you posted, I personally believe that they genuinely want to make a go of it.

Is it a complete scam? no I don’t think so after the contact I’ve had with them and from what I have seen.

Will it be a success? That’s a totally different question, and even if it’s not a scam it could still crash and burn with everyone who’s put money into it losing everything.

Only time will tell for sure :-)

31. March 2018


Hi Mark;

if the Dev Team is so active as you say, why they don’t use the public github repo? One thing is to work, the other thing is to keep it hidden. Give out a compiled CPU Miner and ensure nobody is able to hash towards the node, not a good sign.

I don’ t think they started this with the intention to Scam Out people. If so, they would simply make some fake shit. However, the ICO wasn’t public at all.
If they are as cool as described, they would have done the ICO on their own chain. Instead they just collected BTC and ETH, then gave out Bonus to “make it” and no need to refund.

I assume you are Mark in the Bitcointalk forum. Even if they responded you, they had some time-outs. I understand you still believe in them as you receive answers from their CTO, even though you are a nobody who invested nothing. Now, walk away of your view and try to look from the outside. Does the CTO really have time to answer you? Apparently he has a lot of free time to play the question game.

Can you tell me how much hash you contribute? And then, how many daily coins you earn? What will you do if those coins are worth 0.02$ one day, or even less? You literally could mine just Electroneum or other Cryptonight coins and have a decent profit?

Did you see the Bounty program?
I mean, honestly, what a joke. People get 10 AVE for their time? That shit is 5$ on paper and about 0.20$ if an exchange takes them. Wow!

By the way, as we speak about exchanges: Tradeogre or Cryptopia would cost 5-10k$ to signup, but then they need to have a working wallet. So, that’s why no exchange is on. However, they still claim to be working on Binance, but never updated towards that.

Are you in this group?


There is a total of 300 members, while they have 15,000 likes on Fanpage. But posts receive no traction or likes, comments at all.

I thought they are from Thailand and even the Thai community of Avesta is not hyped or give any feedback/comment. Seems like a sad sad story.

What you think will they fix in this world? Make payments in Africa and Thailand? Or is this just to generate hype and then exit with 10x fold, which wont happen anyways?

I can’t see a world, where Avesta is neccessary. Pls just try to pretend you don’t know them. Go into the Blog and read a bit. They never talk about what “they” are doing, they just post about general Crypto/Africa Bullshit. Also the way how they write, sounds more like textbroker.com paid content rather then written by themself.

Tomorrow starts Q2. They still can’t make transactions on the chain (can you show me TX IDs of your mining reward?). How can they roll out PoS Devices as they claimed? I mean, you must laugh if you hear that they said they will do that. But they said they will do so many things, but they struggle on the very very first steps. They struggle hard. The struggle is real.

31. March 2018


Seems like nobody care anymore.
The Github Repository doesn’t received a single commit, the ticker on the Website isn’t updating. A Guy who apparently invested did send his TX and jannoi confirmed that they moved the funds to coldstorage where a total of 9ETH was sitting. Yes, 9!.

The /u/AvestaMarketing on reddit posts spam shit everyday and nobody even upvotes or comment a single word.

The Bitcointalkforum-Thread is just pure silence. For a Coin in it’s final ICO stage it is an embarassing.

The only reason why they reached the softcap: because of the rise of Bitcoin they gave all their Bitcoininvestors tripple amount of AVE-Coins.


10. January 2018


The ticker is not updating because the ICO has Already ended.

The cold wallet story ha already been explained by them… there are a whole bunch of wallets…. just like an exchange…

You can follow the progress here :


You can check the updates of the platform by just checking… (which is not open source)

People use their wallet to store coins at this moment aswell, Avesta cannot exchange the coins for them, this is a private right of whom who want to keep their funds in the system, ready to be used when the exchange is launched.

Please follow the blog, so that you can see what is coming.

Avesta Is making deals to be able to do instant payments in more than 75 countries!

Whatever the reasons are that you assume, the project is making it… and is being finalized to be used by real human in real life.

So basically you are saying that they made a wise decision to HODL.

Why don’t you post this on the `official` channels? like bitcoin talk or reddit?

Anyway, checkout for the news and update your information :-)
The reason is simple:

It is an amazing project according to me with people on field who are really working to get this done.
Let`s talk about it soon.

Now the project is done, we need to wait to see what they will launch!

11. January 2018


Does the Avesta team monitor this page daily to reply ASAP with a pagelong reply?

11. January 2018

Avesta Video

i leave this hear without any comment. It’s not just unprofessional light-setup and a horrible audio, they actually say not what Avesta can do. 3 Minute Videos without content. Amazing times we are living in!

22. December 2017

Aydin Farhoudi CEO of Avesta

Hi Pattanan,

Why do I suddenly receive a reply while I have NEVER registered on this website?

Please unsunscribe me since I do not want to receive any e-mails or never applied for this.

For me it is clear, the details you gave as Evan, Some of them are not published anywhere!
This document was a document you saw in pantip plaza in Bangkok. The holding was never published online… Nothing about it.
So how comes that Evan knows details about a holding which is not described?
And No we are not talking about Hi-din co Ltd…

I have never received any question or request of This website with any questions?
To give you a good and decent example:

Please have a look of how you should manage this website:


Thank you for your comment here!
I dont want to waste my time here so we Will keep This short:

Comodo did the real investigation already for you when we optained The EV certificate.
Do you know what this is?

I am not Thai, But I will give you the details.
I understand that you are not taught about the law, which is clear with your actions.

‘That legal teams means nothing’ is an
Insult for this lovely country, the management of it and…

For anyone who doubts on legal teams, feel free to contact and listen what they have to say.

The conversation can be done in english, you Will have No problems like you had with kasikornbank, Which we had to remove because of all the spam you have created here, So thank you for this.

Available to call is: (for other countries, Please ask me)

Ca legal office co Ltd.
Licence 410/2549

Ayodhaya tower 240/4 soi ratchadaphisek 18

To check a Lawyer in Thailand you can contact:
he is Member of Lawyers Council of Thailand

You can reach them on:

Ask for Khun Ms. Cheni Kong

All your crap has been bounced by proofs until now.

Is there anything else you have to add instead of laughing with people’s private life my dear?

If anything else needed or in case of any questions:

Please contact me on:

[email protected]

I wish you the best and good luck in the future!

14. December 2017


“I dont want to waste my time here so we Will keep This short”
At least you tried :)

15. December 2017


Hey Avesta;

would you mind sharing some numbers of your ICO? Believing the Ticker of 20-ish% sold while 10-15% was private investors, we have difficult times to believe that you have “big success”. Why extend the ICO? Most likely it’s because you run out of time and not enough money collected. Doesn’t look good for you. I hope you can turn the ship around. Nobody likes to loose money.

However. It also says, that if the ICO “fails” (missing target) people can get money back, leaving you with even more empty pockets. Is this the strategy behind?

13. December 2017

Aydin Farhoudi CEO of Avesta


No, I will in Our channels to all subscribers, 1100+ users and make it public. We will never publish anything on this blog about our plans.
Please (if) anyone is reading this, follow us to read more news.

To create more traffic?
There is more comments here honestly than in any other official announcement group. Pretty strange?
So basically you go and read on Reddit, come back here and place a comment?
If you would like to invest min 50.000 and need details about This project, Please us an e-mail on [email protected]. After signing an NDA, you Will be able to come over for a meeting with acces to details. After the ICO, all figures wille be shared. This is to avoid heavy investors who could disturb the market. Aswell in Fiat currencies, as in Cryptocurrencies. We reached actually automatically our softcap because of the rise of all the coins as you can immagine. A perfect timing to start. At this moment it is true that is Goes very slow now, also caused by this accelerated value increase. We also have a lot of people real people who pay by transfer or by card, since we really want to democratize. As you have seen the bar is static, also because we work with fiat currency… this costs me personally a huge cost, because I litteraly have to check each transaction manually, check address if paid by card Etc.

‘More’ with empty pockets?
I am sorry but I really don’t understand what you mean? I do not understand why we have to start Insulting each other. We exist, and we are doing very well and we still need funds to develop our plans for The hardware development, since the rise of Some altcoins, We have decided to extend our ICO to close the gap between softcap-hardcap.

14. December 2017

Aydin Farhoudi CEO of Avesta

The % of private investors is 5%. This is mentioned

14. December 2017


I think 5% is very low. Privat Investors means many people. Let’s say 10. So each have 0.5% of a company where they would like to raise 10 million?
Seems like not so much believe. Other ICOs keep like 20-50%. Different numbers.
Anyways, good luck to you guys.

22. December 2017

Worldcore is promoted on this website, But is a scam in reality!

How much are you paid by worldcore? Or are they part of the zcoin bots?
On official channels, it is heavy described!


12. December 2017


The allegations just keep improving, I am not affiliated with Worldcore nor Utrust.

12. December 2017


Apparently they forked Bytecoin. Everybody feel free to look theirself.

Now we know, all their claims that they have an own blockchain, they fixed the problems of crypto, etc. are simply not true at all. Forking something and put something on top is all they did. Really avesta? How does Bytecoin scale?

The CEO (wow – a crypto with an CEO) posted that “Because of the Big success, we will extend the ICO period”. To be honest, because of the big fuckup you do it. If you’re successfully, you’ll be sold out within a week. Also, no numbers published. People on reddit claiming they invested 10 ETH are simply lying.

10. December 2017



So the first post of a reddit user is “i invested 10 ETH”. Really?

10. December 2017

I am ‘Yendrick’ ? You see? No accounts… is Just scam

Again message from Avesta here…

This is not true… or it is a set up again…

You can contact is for any question But in our offivials Chanels or at least decent review sites… because This is a horrible site…

There is not even 1 page in any blog with reputation…. bitcointalk…. Reddit,….

Everywhere this are laughing with this website…
There are 188 comments Evan! And here Maybe 40…. This is dictatorship… is not about being your website or Not being anything.

I think enough time Has been spent on this

12. December 2017


The reddit accounts are all #fake#. The onliest reddit-accounts that ever post about avesta or mention it are all < 4 weeks old. The onliest activity they have is posting about Avesta. A regular reddit-user also has other interests, not just Avesta. It shows that those Accounts are fake/paid/shill

13. December 2017


He also registered a week ago and the first post is AVESTA HYPE MOON!

The second post shows his writing skills. Looks a bit like the turds who defend avesta via comments in here.

10. December 2017


This user is a bit older, by 2 weeks, and all he posts is Avesta.

Can we stop this avesta crap now? Nobody gives a single fuck, except their own (fake) accounts.

10. December 2017


Awesome Investiagation! I really hope no one invested into this scam :(

10. December 2017

I am

Actually a lot of people did, jus as stated…. it is company money Pattanan…

What about you talking about fake accounts ? There is No way to make any account?! Which fake accounts? The only one talking here is your immaginary Visitors?

12. December 2017


He is talking about the Reddit account…
Also, even if you set your name to the same as someone else in the comments, you would have to enter exactly the same email to get the same profile picture…

12. December 2017

I am ‘Yendrick’ ? You see? No accounts… is Just scam

Actually a lot of people did, jus as stated…. it is company money Pattanan…

What about you talking about fake accounts ? There is No way to make any account?! Which fake accounts? The only one talking here is your immaginary Visitors?

12. December 2017

TPay Moon

Ahoy Avesta!!


this is how you should do a friggin Advertising Video. You guys are fucking beginners. Meet Frank…. Wow. Fuck Frank! You want money and have a 20 second selfmade amateur video.

Your Whitepaper says nothing. You can go hell, not moon!

8. December 2017

Coinanalysis.io is the biggest scam website in the world.

Please at least change the way how you type? Or search real people to do This for you?

12. December 2017


Is Avesta actually replying on the comments? I have a question.

Good Evening dear Avesta Team.

Please kindly answer my following questions

1) I recently read on another website that you accept BTC & ETH & CreditCard. What is the point of an ICO with CreditCard? People should not buy Crypto with money that they don’t have, do you agree?

2) Why does every user get an individual deposit address? With regular ICOs we can watch the status – it is all public. I hesitate investing 5 ETH, because i don’t know if the 20% you claim are real.

3) Recently ETH pushed high, but the conversation-rate for Avesta Coin is the same. I read you take a fix pricing from beginning of ICO. That means i still get same Avesta Token Amount if i invest 3 weeks ago or now, even if you get 33% more Value of my ETH Coin. It is like, 100$ gives 100 coins and now 140$ gives 100 coins (which are worth 100$). Even worse with Bitcoin. Do you adjust the rate for me?

4) I saw the app.avesta.com but there is no activity. You say your chain is working but i cannot explore a Block or see Transaction. When you release avesta Blockchain?

Thank you much


1. December 2017


Hey Daniel,
they are actually replying, but I’m afraid that they will say that your are actually me since “we make the same mistakes” and they’ll write an entire page about how this site is a scam.
Feel free to read their “comments” below ;)

1. December 2017


This website just has no level… why would you post here? there is no notification?
Evan? what wrong with you why are you assuming this?

I am an ambassador of AVESTA, and no the company itself will never react here… because this is ridiculous..

1. There is a large group of supporters and older people who do not have coins and should buy coins instead… to save them money they do this besides, this would mean that they can also do payouts and creditcard payments in the future aswell. So this is meant for people who already do have the money and limited to <2500usd, you should never buy with credit don't you think so? This has nothing to do with that… I mean, you could also borrow coins from someone to buy and promise them to transfer the amount to them is this than also credit? For democratizing this, money has to be exchanged… and people should start using digitals… if you feel better with it there is ALSO a bank transfer option?

2. Because this is how it works… You can look at it like a `poloniex` and Avesta is a Coin Daniel, not a TOKEN…. is not a smart contract. you buy them, so the anouncement is always done at the end of the ICO

3. What conversation? you mean conversion rate? not really… is it settled on Euro… not a fixed amount of ETH for AMOUNT OF COINS… and it gets more expensive at every rate… you did not looked at the ICO details??? is very clear!!! SO:




4. You WILL have to wait until it is launched…

And I would better keep my money if I were you… you don't even. read!!!

You should never invest without reading… this information is like the first pages…
So read and after that, consider yourself

Have a nice day!

ps: who knows who this is? maybe it is you EVAN, why do you say it to weird? I feel sad to read this agin…
another possible fake message? who knows? nothing is registered on a shady website with no author or origin?

4. December 2017


Good point, we added an email notification.
I wish the rest made just as much sense though :(

4. December 2017


Can you agree, that it not so transparent? Most other ICO are very transparent. Nobody does know if the investments are real or not.

Why exactly a banking license in Guinea? It is corrupt, same as Thailand. It feels weired.

4. December 2017

Le crùz

Wow – avesta. You guys are really unprofessional. You (jannoi) just showed me why i should not invest money to you. I still wait to transfer USD – i won’t send any BTC / ETH to you, because of law regulations. But showing Screenshots of conversations with a guy who talks negative about avesta in public – what’s wrong with you guys?
This is freedom of speech and you better work on your product and stop using your worthy time to act like 15 year olds with *hesaidshesaidbullshit*

28. November 2017

Erik van cauwenbergh

[Removed, stop posting comments more than once. ~Evan]

29. November 2017


I was spamming like crazy, on Reddit, Coincompare and Bitcoin Talk but everything got deleted and my accounts were banned. All that remains is my posts as: “avesta.io SCAM” on this page.

I am so desperate that I just started to spam them with scam accusations via facebook using my real name. But I’m doing it smart because I have blocked everyone in Avesta so they can’t see i’m doing this.

28. November 2017


Okay, I guess you (Avesta) are posing as someone who criticised you. Isn’t this really unprofessional to do as a “revolutionary” ICO?

28. November 2017

pattanan chinanuvatana

it is…
I’m Pattanan Chinanuvatana and Jumbo.
I just reported thai police with all the screenshot. I will contact you, Evan, for help with the evidence.
Also in zcoin mining below, My name remain Anonymus on the pool and my user is not pattanan. So this should conclude what is going on for all the people.
The one posing the screen shot is Jannoi.

28. November 2017

Le crùz

If you are the real Pattanan from the screenshots you might clear up the sky.
What exactly did you do wrong? Are you a friend of Evan or why are they so mad on you?

28. November 2017


It seems that we both agree that Avesta is a scam, which made us the same person in their eyes.

28. November 2017

Coinanalysis.io is the biggest scam website in the world.

Hi Avesta here… and a real message from Avesta, Thank you Pattanan for admittting your fraudes. You are a low grade student repeating your studies year after year… The documents leaves online will be handed to the right officials.
I think you forget what you send in your Communications?
at least if you are cheating Please use your brains and do not proceed like a little kid…
It is Very obvious What you are doing. And at least wait Some hours or days, Because This website Has almost No ranking, to have 5-6 comments from different people in 15 min…

We will proceed on a legal way and we will publish the result online.

‘In court we trust’

12. December 2017


If you are Avesta, why do you even bother?
I think the idea might be interesting, but i can’t figure out what exactly your usecase is.
Please help me to answer some questions. Let’s think in 1-2 years Avesta is running.

I now transfer 1.000 SFR to you. i get, let’s say 1.000 AVE Coin/Token.
Now i can send my friends. Can they withdraw to any bankaccount in the world? So is it like Tether, backed by a real currency?
If not, why not just use Litecoin or Bitcoin? At least my friend in Phillippines then can withdraw the money with local service.
Or are you just doing remmitance between Thailand and Guinea or Africa?

The Whitepaper doesn’t really say what your vision is. I read on steemit (are you guys actually publishing these articles? They don’t read professional native) that you have bank-license or something. Why is that neccessary? In the whole Whitepaper you never write about it. Please answer the questions or post in Bitcointalk.



13. December 2017

Erik van cauwenbergh

Well I was waiting to do the same… and eventually will do it… Freedom of speech includes comments and so on… what is shown here is that this whole setup website and reactions are Spam because of the anger of Evan aka Pattanan aka Jumbo as I can read, doing Criminal activities, and acting like a kid because of an issue with his former employer? What is the meaning of this mr/mrs le cruz? I am sorry, but if the greatest bank director can say bitcoin is fake and become the biggest buyer, and if this website can accuse on personal issues instead of technical things, then yes I do believe that our meaning is also important? It is our duty to come up for what we believe in as ambassadors for this coin!

We had a meeting and had some questions that have been made clear with evidences, more than these, but this should be sufficient… Since this Evan aka Pattanan aka Jumbo showed these we could not leave it like this…

it says:
n the “Scam Alert” category we “investigate” mostly ICOs, due to their extremely risky nature. We expect the worst and try to find all sorts of flaws in the ICO. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy, therefore we might make false conclusions. All posts solely reflect the authors opinion. Be aware of the presumption of innocence.
Wow… Mr Le Cruz seems to be Mr Evan aswell? Your typo is exactly the same… I believe we call this multiple personality syndrome?

I believe all this is called freedom of speech right? Or does this only count when you say so?
I believe you believe more in a Maffia dictatorship? The link says:

COMMENT 156, so you deleted 107 messages?????

Thats almost 70% censorship kid!

Referring to your FAQ: (which stand for frequently asked questions, no quotes)

In the “Scam Alert” category we “investigate” mostly ICOs, due to their extremely risky nature. We expect the worst and try to find all sorts of flaws in the ICO. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy, therefore we might make false conclusions. All posts solely reflect the authors opinion. Be aware of the presumption of innocence.

So no investigation, but ABUSE of company info… which is not public but which is published online… Some information you can`t even get except directly from the company.

So please… stop your Bullshit.
You are insulting some 35+ year old people here.

And where do you see Jannoi? Are you really stupid or…? You are actually confirming to be Pattanan…
Nobody here that I can see is Jannoi… and you bring `Jannoi` again to the story?

Please follow these post and use your common sense…
I think I had it here and it should be clear enough.

29. November 2017


-So basically anyone who disagrees with you is the same person.
-Its funny that you accuse US of being the same person, while you have already posted in more than 3 different names.
-This is my site, I will delete your comments if you keep posting them more than once
-The comment IDs do not represent the comment count

Now stop insulting Jumbo and Le Cruz and move on with your life.

29. November 2017

Erik van Cumwenbergh

35+ year old scammer from Thailand = show some respek & send vagene pls

29. November 2017

Coinanalysis.io is the biggest scam website in the world.

No…. it is you who is making yourself rediculous…

Would you please opent share with us all the Posts with IP?
It is not fair that people cannot see you posting these comments… Did you realize that you post 3-4 post All behind each other? And this website has no interactivity? So when people are against you you Just delete comments and say that they are spams? Freedom of speech No?
Erik van Cauwenbergh is an ambassador, Why would he comment this for Example?
I feel sorry for you!

12. December 2017


As you can see there have been 104 posts…. but this guy just deletes whatever that suits him
this website is a scam!


28. November 2017


Deleting spam comments does not make this a scam site. Also, stop DDoSing the site please.

28. November 2017

Coinanalysis.io revealed as Scam

What is your anger EVAN with AVESTA? You deleted them only in Avesta? so on this website you decide where you post and place things? so it means you cut and copy things? The most ridiculous technique is that you use my name to say:

Someone help me please, I am very stupid!

hahahaha man, you have a problem! Very high quality review website!
So please leave this for people to read… and do not show your habits using names to make yourself EXTRA ridiculous.

PLEASE READ! Coinanalysis is a scam! The Identity of coinanalysis which is a scam website.

File 1: https://mega.nz/#!hqRj1LYK!LD3PQEYjZO_VU2PSPWfb50oIer9ofXI16jay14QZyig
File 2: https://mega.nz/#!N64QyB7b!3fOtO15RmWu8CCwzUvoVet6FE7A2PRtwBfVsCF4v7qo
File 3: https://mega.nz/#!o7oilBDA!mTWm7mmk46G-3IACH9JmfLJoDU6TKpaWamoI19siYmA

He is actually saying the it is not him, but a friend who we actually know very well… who would not have any benefit doing this but more losing…

That this person worked for Bitcause and other companies, so he stole information and used this to create a hype for his new website.
File 3: https://mega.nz/#!5zJVyZbB!NIfS4paW6zO0yHqtWw8bRyt4t3rOs058GxXlOpfyO1I

He commits identity fraud as EVAN!!!

He attacks pools… but every time he forgets to delete trails and starts to show off what he did to other people.

He is a bad Example and

He infected computers with botnets to gain ZCOIN.
File4 : https://mega.nz/#!1zQCRAQY!YBtQ_v_dy4D9MTK7WSKwPNnHOG5lXBxsB9wkpjWqFwk
File5: https://mega.nz/#!hz533SZb!DnMbCgQ54iI029qGZakllphPol8j2YVA0jU-yzFefrs

He gained a lot of money with his fellow hackers
How much?

See: https://mega.nz/#!V2ABRIaZ!ZVBbVQOQGGacYI4w58rKvTOqMK2xKUmkak2dXkTkbUA

calculate yourself:-)

This is a snake and ALL the reviews are scam or it is a paid review.

EVERYWHERE he is posting in the name of Avesta and other coins.

Do not trust this website!

Every day we will reveal more and more information about the Activities.

Please read every article of this website!

28. November 2017

Jonathan R.

They don’t even bother to post anything somewhere. Not even in their own facebook groups. The 13k facebook likes are fake. Their videos get almost zero views.
On Steemit they wrote they have a bank license, but nowhere in the whitepaper or website do they write about this.
It seems like they want to act like a bank. Nobody needs a new bank in crypto world.

If you visit the website and login without javascript, there is a hidden text written. Something like “premium account, 5$, non-premium account 3$”. All accounts will loose their balance if you didnt use the funds for more then 1 year. Don’t believe me – login and check, see it with your own eyes.

21. November 2017





Before we start,

Do not believe me, but check the facts

videos and followers:


What are you talking about?
Not reacting? Are you blind? All the ambassadors are talking and are protecting and revealing proofs and the truth. What are these protests do you think? Coming up with information that only people know?

Did you see the Facebook page?

Their video`s get 0?

Where are you looking at? Are you sure it is the right page?

There are videos with 66.000 views?! The least view is like 1.3k?
As I can see they are also very easy accessible…

They have not only likes but aswell an equal followers… So fake what do you mean? Again, you lost me.

When who posts what, where and how is their own choice man… What have you ever reached in your life? except your botnets mining zcoin and so on?

Why the hell does that have to be inside the whitepaper you idiot? That is a finished succes… It is already mentioned on the roadmap. Dammn Pattanan & Co… this is very low… But anyway… they are reaching their Softcap! You should be burning now I suppose?

Blockchain bank it is if you can READ? But I assume that you are unable to read and like to spread fake/false news?
These are no wavecrest holding cards being reselled by wirex and actually all of them…. these are issues by Avesta… so yes, there should be a legal way to do this…

Comments on this part:

`If you visit the website and login without javascript, there is a hidden text written. Something like “premium account, 5$, non-premium account 3$”. All accounts will loose their balance if you didnt use the funds for more then 1 year. `

You can actually BUY accounts… It is also mentioned, but again you can`t read i suppose?

Stop bothering yourself… every time you come up with stupid assumptions… which are revealed as just a human being with bad intentions…
When you pretend you don`t know anything…. Then you should stay away from forums…:-)

let me repeat:

During the ICO all registrants will have a free Account number… The special account numbers are reserved for example 1111111111/1234567890,…. these numbers, are available to purchase….

So you have always the chance, Dude how the fuck is it possible to loose you balance??? What are you talking about? That is a virtual balance on the platform… is like saying that poloniex sometimes doesn`t show balances??
Yet the transaction is done on the blockchain?

Your reactions do not make sense!

Now to make you compeletely rediculous:

This is how it happens:

Actually you know exactly how this works…

Passwords are generated via the Blockchain, passwords aren’t stored at all.
User has to prove ownership to the blockchain via a private-key.
The password generated is generated via a combination of Avesta, Bitcoin and Ethereum keys.
Which will allow access to the account and can be changed on request.

Could be risky if database is hacked?

No, Since Avesta doesn’t use a Database but Blockchain.

Since you are the expert, please go ahead and show something and PLEASE KEEP FOLLOWING THESE POSTS.

It is getting time to identify some people online here with history and chat communications, about intresting things.

27. November 2017


Ok I didn’t even bother to read this crap, but you are able to post links – your comment might get held for moderation, but if its not spam, it will be allowed.

27. November 2017

Coinanalysis.io Scam

Someone help me please, I am very stupid!

27. November 2017

Coinanalysis.io Scam

Why Did you delete This Evan? People are revealing identities?! Freedom of speech No?

This is No spam! This is information!!

27. November 2017


Try to keep your “information” in a short format, it doesnt have to fill an entire page. I kept one copy of the post, but I will delete them if you post them all over the site.

27. November 2017



27. November 2017


So much salt by the avesta team haha
They almost wrote an entire book

11. November 2017


Indeed! And it seems EVAN, the owner of this website writes comments himself to promote this shitty website! this website is scam! Only 9 Coins! This website is a joke… and an insult to our crypto community.

Mr Evan (Owner) – Avesta: 1 person
Claims recieving threats and e-mails BEFORE the time of publish of this websites article?

How is this possible?
They should be amazing fast?!
Why doesn`t he publish this and try to gain conversations.
So he starts this blog with bullshit with something popular to create traffic! ===> Very smart!

Jonathan R. is Actually also the same person as Evan?
Read the comments and you will see that they are very similar with the same typo! ===> Very stupid!

Now another thing is the FAQ on this website:


I copy paste this here:

“We expect the worst and try to find all sorts of flaws in the ICO. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy, therefore we might make false conclusions. All posts solely reflect the authors opinion. Be aware of the presumption of innocence.“

This is a joke right? A few questions:

So they are saying that the reviews are not researched (otherwise you have proofs, which you can show to the people, why not posting evidences as mentioned before by others?)====> Very stupid

Be aware of presumption of innocence?====> Very stupid

Flaws? How do you search for these flaws? By inventing fake stories?====> Very stupid

Why the fuck are they sending people to worldcoin? Avesta is not a
Payment processor? ====> Very stupid

They don`t know what they are talking about here.

Honestly I have invested now that I see that they have reached their min goal to able to start.

This is also what I have found online:


You will need to translate it or read related articles.

27. November 2017


Jonathan isn’t the same person as me, we probably make the same “mistakes” because we can both speak English properly, unlike you. ===> Very stupid

27. November 2017

Ian F.


If we are talking about mining, I will clarify this:

Teamwork + Consistency is efficiency

Mining Bitcoin and/or Ethereum can be a wild ride. Thousands of Proof-Of-Work machines across the world compete with each other to verify millions of blockchain transactions. First place in the verification race wins a healthy stack of coins. Second place gets…nothing, the same prize won by their colleagues bringing up the rear.

It’s a highly competitive structure whose result has been an exorbitant ramp-up of mining systems, the collective energy of which could power the country of Denmark.

Wasted energy is only the start of the problems with the current cryptocurrency marketplace. The small miners have, for the most part, been priced out. The amount of profit earned is becoming further detached from the proportional amount of work put in. The internet’s Gold Rush has turned into a frustrating goose chase.

This is where Avesta comes in with a brand new, complete cryptocurrency platform that offers everything from a new currency to mine to its own transactional system inside its blockchain.

Avesta is all about creating a whole new system of incentives for blockchain miners. Instead of competing with each other for top billing, miners’ efforts are brought together. Powerful systems will still earn their fair share, but so too will the smaller miners. Redundancy and wasted energy are reduced.

It turns out people in the business of mining cryptocurrency are starting to prefer a steady stream of coins to a dramatic oscillation between peaks and valleys.

Further, the mining of Avesta takes place in a separate place from the transactional layer, adding another factor of efficiency. With the immense amount of energy being spent on Bitcoin, the transactional speeds are still at fairly unacceptable levels to be considered useful in most marketplaces. With Avesta, however, purchase are kicked down to the database layer for verification, meaning both that mining never interferes with the speed of transaction while also eliminating the double-spend problem.

All this information is collected by looking and checking the system…

You idiots …

How can you make a website and review if you don’t have any clue what you are talking about?!

10. November 2017


You shoudl maybe write texts and whitepaper for Avesta. In fact, you sound way more generous then the current things they published.

Fact is, that if “mining to the blockchain” is real, it’s not really mining. Actually, nobody needs mining at all (!)

Miners do have the power to choose the consencous of Bitcoin, simply by signalling what they want. Miners decide when they fork and when not. This is what we call decentralization.

This will be gone in the future with Avesta. Yes, “race & competition”, because there is only 1 pool (avesta pool).
Maybe PoS is the future, who knows. But don’t call it mining. The whole chain doesn’t need any mining. For whate exactly? It’s a coin, given out by a company. They can do whatever they would like to do on their own chain. The chain is NOT in control of the miners. Bitcoin chain in fact IS in control. If core would do some stupid stuff, the miners would reject and fork away. Longest chain wins.

It’s a simple marketing gag to write “no 51% Attacks anymore”. Reality is that every miner is also controlled by avesta.

10. November 2017


Adding to the book:

Building a Decentralized mining reward system on blockchain. Which is for simple persons a Pool on the blockchain where nodes together decide who gets paid what. This function works decentralized and Avesta has no control over mining rewards.

Maintaining a pool is not a walk in the park. Most pools run on a node with a proxy that forwards all work to the Node. If the mining pool is big, it will bottleneck the hashing on a large scale. Because coins are released by just a few of the nodes (pools or accounts). (Which is in terms not decentralized)

Avesta built the node & proxy functions in on the blockchain. Allowing to mine to any node in the world.
So instead of mining “solo” you still mine “solo” but get a shared and fair reward. (Isn’t this more decentralized?)

So for forking the blockchain people still need to signal in updates, which is done via the “nodes” that finds blocks thus must have miners attached to it. Without the combination of signaling nodes and a good amount of Miners hashing to it a 51% attack is less likely than any other proof of work blockchain system.

This also means miners have the right to choose to what node they mine to, that signals their wanted update. (Actual voting power!!)

This means miners can decide where to mine to, without losing income! This is the main reason causing centralization. Because miners stick with best paying pools which are generally the largest ones.

As for 51% attacks, this is prevented this way. The Avesta blockchain technology actually prevent forking because the nodes decide which chain is the main blockchain. While deciding who (what miner) gets paid what share of crypto.
Using the blockchain itself to solve user-caused issues. Isn’t Avesta A Crypto Utopia?

Preventing Orphans + Fair Mining rewards = No More 51% attacks

27. November 2017


I am truly sorry for a bad review like this, but I am excited that Avesta already lives among us, so my investments would be safe LOL

Horrible review in fact

So what I can understand is that the company is able to pay some costs to develop the software, aswell that they have already success and a good income?
And maybe because it really looks good and they have already shown the proof of concept?

The guy who is writing this comment is very stupid… so at the moment I question myself why there are other website which are better, because it seems like the owner of this website is just a bad moderator or mr Avesta.io are related to each other? This looks like a sabotage…

No information has ever been requested by this website which is very weared?

The blockexplorer is live and they are saying that they are testing… which I am very happy for it…
Since I am a big fan I am checking and keeping an eye on the explorer…

The changes on the website:

Sorry that there are really people who are working to improve things!

I don’t know…

But if the CEO is from Belgium as I can find on facebook;

www D OT facebook D OT com/aydin.farhoudi.79

and as as I can find this on facebook, I could say yes they are friends. The owner of Festina group is Miguel Rodriguez, see website festina or serach it.

Festina group owns a lot of companies as I can see: Jaguar watches, lotus silver, festina, perelet since 2004,…
Search this yourself… Just brand watches and his name… very easy.

www D OT facebook D OTcom/photo.php?fbid=152839905308445&set=pb.100017473080079.-2207520000.1510219037.&type=3&theater


Once you use a link than it has to be approved.. Which doesn’t get approved by the moderators here. Why? Some other companies gave you free stuff? This is Maffia!

You guys are Robin HOOD but don’t help other people but yourself.

This is pretty clear once you read this stupid comments about mining…. It is a TESTNET ever heared of that?

And if you guys can read:

They made mining sustainable with the experience they have as:

Connections Worldwide
Already a solid company, so, a proof of good management
And last but not least:


Considering your relation with EVAN, who is a moderator on this website, I believe we can call this a fraudulent review website…

So now I believe actually everything has been explained and bounced… And here you are again… you are making yourself ridiculous…

So what is actually wrong with Mr Evan? Once you call things scam… and there is no reason for it… so what are you guys exactly are doing?

I don’t get it?

Your reviews are scammy because the depth of your research is 0!

And honestly, for every thing what is said, proofs have been shown for this…

So this is an inside job or a Jealous ex girlfriend who is taking revenge????

I`m outta here.

10. November 2017

Jonathan R.

You write like a 12 year old. Is this real?

10. November 2017


I cant tell, this was not readable ;)

11. November 2017

Raymond Weiss

wow, still believe in the fairy tales? Like believing voting will change the way your government runs. Everything is run by the Big Corporations! Nothing really Nothing is actually Decentralized.

I have looked over the website and they have an actual platform working on blockchain supporting several currencies. But who’s the hypocrite here?

15. November 2017

Jonathan R.

Lol, they just showed on steemit that they have a banklicense. So, this is like Moneybookers or NEteller or Paypal, ya?

17. November 2017

avesta.io SCAM

Doesn’t anyone else find it ironic that the crypto universe is turning into a ponzi scheme almost indistinguishable from that of the financial system that Satoshi originally tried to replace? Perhaps what is really, truly immutable is people’s greed which leads to irrational exuberance, in turn leading to over extension and ending with the only option of robbing Peter to pay Paul… In the end there is always a small number of winners, the insiders, reaping the spoils paid for by a larger number of losers, the masses. History doesn’t repeat it rhymes — maybe cryptocurrencies haven’t really solved anything at all.

8. November 2017


In my opinion we don’t have this problem here. The actual problem is that absolutely anyone can get attention online. We just need to expose them and move on. BTC and all the other legit currencies are an awesome invention.

8. November 2017

avesta.io SCAM

The Block-Explorer stopped since more then 24 hours. Maybe they stopped pre-mining?

8. November 2017

avesta.io SCAM


2nd is Coincompare. They actually deleted accusations of a user called “avesta”.

8. November 2017


Yeah also some comments calling them out on Cryptocompare were deleted.

8. November 2017

Coinanalysis.io is the biggest scam website in the world.

Hi, Because cryptocompare is a real website that investigates things? This is a message from Avesta! We have never received any request for any research? To give you an idea, we have to do this for cryptocompare and we are doing to do The same on other websites.

To give an idea how bad and manipulative This website is…

There is no control by anyone except the owner of this website.

You are faking profiles and sending messages

12. December 2017

Coinanalysis.io is the biggest scam website in the world.

Hi, because cryptocompare is a real website that investigates things? This is a message from Avesta! We have never received any request for any research? To give you an idea, we have to do this for cryptocompare and we are doing to do The same on other websites.

To give an idea how bad and manipulative This website is…

There is no control by anyone except the owner of this website.

You are faking profiles and sending messages Under the name of the company and Ambassadors.

This is very sad…
Get a life man.

12. December 2017

Erik van cauwenbergh

I am shocked by reading this website how is this possible?
I made a copy of this website with the links.

E-mail sent to [email protected]

This website is a scam!

Read FAQ

In the “Scam Alert” category we “investigate” mostly ICOs, due to their extremely risky nature. We expect the worst and try to find all sorts of flaws in the ICO. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy, therefore we might make false conclusions. All posts solely reflect the authors opinion. Be aware of the presumption of innocence.


28. November 2017


And what does the Whois have to do with it?

28. November 2017

Coinanalysis.io is the biggest scam website in the world.

That user is the same user like Pattanan, jumbo, Evan, you?

12. December 2017

G. OogLe


(I mean the review soo bad. Feeling for you guys @Avesta)

Jealous, jobless? Or just nothing better to do…..
I am registered (Y) let avesta moon !!

7. November 2017


Now thats INTERTESTING how you and R. Merk have the same IP!!!!

7. November 2017

R. Merk

Incredible research! Great assumption!
Unveiled another scam right?

I really don’t know how you find all this.
Got a link to this?

7. November 2017

avesta.io SCAM

Selwin – i don’t know you guys (who are even you? never hear the name selwin). The document was available for download from your website. How is it confidential?

7. November 2017

R. Merk

I really don’t see the problem? So you have proved the company already as quite some capital. And a Decent income with mining. And can’t find any scam complaints on the “cloud mining” which seems to be there a while.
And you figured they are actually mining Wow, good job!

Are the team members known scammers? Criminal records? Previous scams? Anyone with a bad reputation?
Did you call/email companies to confirm their partnerships? All I can find are some grammar issues but hey i’m really not a nazi like some people out there. Creating this all this FUD?

oh wait, they seem to have some working tech? much better than any ERC20-223 token out there.
Thanks for doing the background research though. If you have juicy stuff email me please….

7. November 2017

avesta.io SCAM

Hello Mister R. Merk!
Their cloudmining never took off – people aren’t that stupid!

I don’t know the team or anything about criminal recods. In fact i tried to call this Kasikorn Bank, who they claimed to be a partner. They don’t know anything (they forwarded me 3 times, but they also spoke bad english tho?!). This Festina Thing as a partner is a JOKE! The Wife of Aydin who is in the Marketing Team (found on Facebook the relation) works for Festina. So what is this? All this actually creates FUD to throw false imags to the upcoming scammed ETH-Holder.

Now let’s talk technical things:
On several posts in the internet, people asked specific question. Jannoi never answered them. Look his recent claim: “Yes i know, it sounds crazy, but we can scale this big”. Seriously – you scale better then all cryptocurrency nodes together in the world. WOW! (read about Jannoi claims: https://www.cryptocompare.com/coins/ave/forum/BTC) hilarious!

Basically, they claim – they fixed the whole scaling issue of BTC, ETH, XMR an every other coin out there. Wow – they are either really smart or they have no clue what’s coming.

Before i go further into detail, let’s discuss the very very basic thing – and you CANNOT disagree.

In cryptocurrency we have blockchain technology that gives us TRUST for valid data that cannot be altered or changed afterwards. It is inside the blockchain, any modification would lead to corrupt data. Do you agree? DO YOU AGREE? Really? Then call them scammers, because, they say, they can recover your lost funds if you loose your privatekey. Basically, they might have a blockchain, but they put a layer on top of it, who they control. With Crypto you are your own Bank. If you fuckup your privatekey, if it gets stolen – well, you fucked up. literally. If they can recover your funds, they simply alter the Blockchain. Either they change the privatekey of an unspend input (which will make the whole blockchain invalid because the hash of the Block won’t match), they either burn it and gives you new ones (how can i proof that it’s my coin without a privatekey. AML? That fixes shit!! Hackers will still be able to fake those requests) Or they do whatever they wanna do and give your tokens back. All this is a simple Company Token like Neteller, Paypal or whatever Payment Provider is out in this world.

Please tell me – if you agree with me, how can’t you call this a scam and , if however you disagree with me (and defend them) how is my position wrong?

7. November 2017

avesta.io SCAM

Premine SCAM already started. Don’t forget – only 1 pool possible (their pool) nobody can mine right now.

they gave themself a market cap of 18M – but no coins already out, lol.


7. November 2017


and another thing…

check donations and wallet…

Cloudmining has been paused because of the development of the coins… the charity is visible in an online ledger…

please check bitcause.org

please watch out with the word scam… seems it is the only word you can pronounce…

anything else you would like to discuss about sir?

7. November 2017

avesta.io SCAM

I can’t find you on an Ambassador List on the Website. Why don’t you write with your real name? Are you Jannoi?

7. November 2017

avesta.io SCAM

Selwin – so it’s a company token, right? Basically Paypal. Can you confirm that?
If you can recover my funds, the whole trust of cryptocurrency ist gone. Do you agree?

7. November 2017


The project is still in development… hahaha otherwise we wouldn’t have to change anything… Since we are a legal company, we faced some troubles in our licenses and delays in Africa… in the meantime they have been arranged and forced us to launch later.
This is an internal document before publishing… so some of our employees or ambassadors have given you this document, I understand that personal issues might have been involved here . May I point you at the point that publishing of it is not allowed without our approval?
Could you possibly send me a copy please of what you claim to have received?
We will ask you politely to stop your madness and your personal issues can be solved in a euhm… how can I say peer to peer relationship?

You are forcing people to a bad made advertisement website or a bad review…
I know that reactions has been sent from crypto compare with you as a user… because we have only complained that you are the only one coming up with dishonest actions which almost goes to a blackmailing…

Unfortunately there are websites like this that causes more damage than giving people information…

I am an ambassador and this rubbish is rediculous. To give you the answer, a post of the software and the blockchain has been made on our Facebook page. The block explorer is already online (announced to be online in 5 hours officially, so this means that THINGS WILL CHANGE FROM NOW UNTIL THE LAUNCH, aswell will the wallet be during the ICO, because you will have to use the system already to buy your coins.


To expand our team we will need budgets…
Than we can also show off in increase of speed and team, although it is not bad what we did with our small team at the moment ;-)
Do you really think that vitalik had a name before Ethereum?

Now to get budgets to grow and make changes we have organized an ICO.

With our experience, we have collected information about cryptocurrency and its pain points from every point of view…. We looked at the aspect that actually nothing what is made until today can be a real feature because of its scalability and many others problems…

So your reaction was as I can read… well the only one with a meaning since it is very hard to understand the rest of your rubbish… that we will never be able to deliver a version in January and I believe I gave a good answer on that.

Here the links for the poor people who have to read this madness:


Please also follow us on Facebook for real news and videos of Avesta:




Ps: Please watch out because some designs will be changed sir…

7. November 2017

avesta.io SCAM

bitcointalk censorship: https://image.ibb.co/di9b3G/image.png

6. November 2017

avesta.io SCAM

here are the scam-owners

***[email protected] (ayd*in)

***[email protected] (jan*noi)

there company “Hi-Din Co., Ltd. ” is registered with 48M THB (about 1.4M USD). This is where they have their mining farm in.

they also tried another epic scam which somehow nobody talks about
using “1% profits donate to charity” as a message to try to cloudscam mine. lol

i have more informations about them like personal addresses, relationships, other companies personal informations on and on.

if you publish their addresses or the laughable bitcause, or talk about the original whitepaper, like how they simply changed dates and target-goals/currency, then i’ll send you more informations with another email.
basically, half their “team” is one gang.

a small highlight: the original whitepaper before they fixed lots of shit


6. November 2017


Woah, seems like we’re onto something!
They also sent me an email asking me to remove the post “before their legal team notices it”

6. November 2017

avesta.io SCAM

The mining-rigs of Jannoi are named “Chay” which is the name of his girlfriend if we can believe facebook. Somehow she is not involved into the project (at least she is not listed on the Team). Maybe she doesn’t believe in this scam and don’t want to invest her hard earned ETH in this crap?

7. November 2017

Pattanan v chinanuvatana

She is translating all the crap into thai, which no body listen to.
EVAN, legal team means nothing in thailand, we cant really do or investigate stuff like this. I did sent them the ips though

13. December 2017