Frequently Asked Questions

In it’s current state, this page is still quite small. However, it will increase in length as the site grows.

What is the Scam Alert?
In the Scam Alert category we “investigate” mostly ICOs, due to their extremely risky nature. We expect the worst and try to find all sorts of flaws in the ICO. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee that we get everything completely, which might lead us to false conclusions.
All posts solely reflect the authors opinion and should not be treated as financial advice.

How often will there be a new article?
Currently, we try to publish at least one article per week.

I’d like to request an article!
Sure! Feel free to comment on one of our posts, tweet at us @coinanalysis_io or email me! We’ll try to make a post about the requested coin/ICO.

How can I stay updated?
We have an email subscription system which sends an email whenever we publish something new. You can subscribe on the bottom right or follow us on twitter :)