BAT versus AdEx – Who will prevail?


Brief overview

We recently made a post about AdEx, which can be found here. Since AdEx and BAT have a fairly similar use it is safe to say that they will be competing and there will only be one winner. The winner’s coin will vastly gain in value and the other one will become worthless. It is advisable to invest in only one of these two coins.

Here is a quick description of the two coins so you don’t have to rely on our opinion and can form your own. We’d be interested hear your thoughts about this. Let us know in the comments!

BAT – Basic Attention Token

Official site:

Current state: The BAT system is currently being implemented in the Brave browser. (15th October 2017)

The Idea: Users can only pay attention to a limited amount of things at once, making ads extremely distracting. BAT wants to reward users for paying attention to ads if they choose to receive ads. (Attention is measured in duration of the exposure and its size) Furthermore, users can use these tokens to support their favourite sites. They will also have a decentralized ad exchange.

What makes it special: Users will be paid in BAT tokens for viewing ads. They can choose if they want to see ads and also donate their earnings to support their favourite sites.

AdEx – Ad Exchange

Official Site:

Current state: Token sale over, the team already release their smart contract on GitHub

The Idea: Decentralize the ad exchange with smart contracts, thus removing high middleman fees.

What makes it special: Users can choose what ads they want to view and gain more control over the ads they see.


We tried to gather as much as data as possible in order to compare it. Here are the results. Please let us know if we missed something.


Basic Attention Token

184 BTC Volume - Bittrex   —   86%

26k Twitter Followers - @attentiontoken   —   100%

5.7k Reddit Subscribers - r/BATProject   —   100%

Ad Exchange

213 BTC Volume - Bittrex   —   100%

22.2k Twitter Followers - @AdEx_Network   —   85%

2.2k Reddit Subscribers - r/adex   —   39%

When it comes to unmeasurable factors, such as exact progress and adaptation, BAT has a huge headstart. They have a working Beta (BAT Mercury) with payments already working. AdEx, on the other hand, is only an “Idea” which hasn’t been released yet.


Both competitors are displaying a roadmap for their token. As you can see, BAT’s is much more detailed and contains more information.

Basic Attention Token

BAT Mercury (summer 2017) Integrate BAT into the Brave browser

BAT Gemini (fall 2017/winter 2018) – Machine learning to fight fraud

BAT Apollo (rest of 2018) – Integrate BAT into other apps

Ad Exchange

AdEx Announcement: 12. December 2016

AdEx Sale: 30. June – 30. July 2017

AdEx Beta release: 30. Jan 2018

The Teams

The people behind the respective tokens play a huge role in the coin’s/token’s success. We checked out their LinkedIn profiles to gain some insight into the structure of the company.

Basic Attention Token

Founders: Brendan Eich (Co-founder of Firefox & Mozilla), Brian Bondy (Senior software engineer at Mozilla)

Employees: 14 (+2)


The team consists of many people who have worked with big projects, such as Netscape, Tor and Mozilla. Ignoring that they have the co-founder of Firefox onboard, we weren’t able to find any other interesting facts such as relatives and similar origins in the team.

The BAT team is working two different jobs at once – to a certain degree. On paper, the BAT Team is also working on the Brave browser. In reality BAT and Brave go hand in hand, not causing any additional distraction.

Ad Exchange

Founders: Ivo Georgiev (Stremio co-founder), Dimo Stoyanov (Stremio co-founder)

Employees: 15 (+2)


AdEx’s staff consists mostly out of people with Slavic names, which suggests that they work closely together. This theory is supported by the fact that most of the staff comes from Ivo’s and Dimo’s previous Idea, Stremio. Stremio is a video streaming platform – this probably gave them the idea to turn their video streaming into ads. Additionally, there are two Stoyanovs in the team. We have Dimo Stoyanov, the co-founder, and Nikola Stoyanov, a business development advisor. They are most likely brothers.

Just as the BAT Devs, the AdEx Devs also work closely with another project. In this case its Stremio, a video streaming site. Stremio will be the first AdEx publisher, as it is owned by the AdEx Management.

So what is better?

In its current state, BAT has the advantage of having a unique idea. Let’s simplify it:

AdEx gives Publishers more money. BAT does the same and also rewards users in relation to their attention.

AdEx has alrady released their smart contract, while BAT has a working Beta system.

In our opinion, BAT is something unique and special and their team has already shown that they are capable of doing good work.

There is also actual use. If users want to use the BAT Tokens they earned, there will be high trading volumes and the coin will be worth something. The AdEx token, however, would only be bought by Advertisers and sold by Publishers. Doesn’t make much sense right?


Please let us know your thoughts on this!

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Michael O

LOL Brave has millions of users.
ADEX has 4 publishers and BAT has 200+
This is hardly a competition..


Adex is a plataform that can be used in any web navigator and Bat just use Brave


Bitcointalk brought me here, damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!


LMAO its no contest. BAT is revolutionary, adex doesn’t even come close. Take a look for yourselves, or wait a year and open your browser.


AdEX has many partnership already established

To List some:

eSports Platform EloPlay


First DApp Based on NEO

Many info about Adex skipped in this artical


AdEx is just a ripoff LOL
Buy BAT!