Since we are going to release a coin review about Steem, we wanted to share a 3D Model of the Steem Coin.

Let us know if you want a CAD Model for another Coin!

What is Steem?

As stated in the first paragraph, we will follow up with a more detailed explanation. Basically, Steem is a social network which pays you for posting good content. Additionally, Steem has a complex system that lets high-quality users upvotes count more. Stay tuned for the detailed review!

Steem coin Preview
Steem Coin Preview

The coin was made using Tinkercad, and its size is 30x30x5 mm.

Download the coin here

Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag
This Steem token model / Steem coin model was made by is licensed using an Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.

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THANK YOU for sharing this! Didnt find any other CAD