Upfiring – The solution to P2P filesharing?

Over the last years, P2P file sharing has always been widespread, but has had one major issue – there is no incentive to seed. Why would you want to give away your internet speed for nothing in return? (Ok maybe you are generous, but most people simply don’t seed)


As mentioned above – this coin/token wants to change the way we share P2P files. Personally, I completely understand the underlying issue. In its current status, why would anyone want to seed a file? This causes heavily requested files to be extremely slow, and Uprising intends to put an end to it.

The Upfiring token (UFR)

The Upfiring Token is an ERC-20 Token based on the Ethereum Network. I won’t bother you with other technical details, but here is their whitepaper and their website. Their website seems nicely designed but doesn’t contain much information.

Good aspects

This coin brings something new to the table; it is neither a fork nor any other cheap form of copy. Additionally, file sharing is in dire need of a major rework. Having a smart contract that can’t be shut down and (most likely) not abused is way better than having to use Limewire or similar services.

Paying the “nodes” is also a good thing. As an example, why would you want to run a 100+GB BTC Node when you get nothing in return? With UFR, you get paid for supporting the network.

Issues that might arise

As with pretty much any cryptocurrency – the coin will need to be used by the general public. Why should users switch to Upfiring when there are more comfortable solutions? The UFR developers will have to make sure their network will be very user-friendly.

Bad aspects

With the Beta not being out yet, I can only criticise the logo so far – it’s awful, just look at the header. In my opinion, it seems quite cheap and has nothing to do with the project but for its name. Most coins have a logo that is at least somewhat related to their use – this is not the case here. Luckily, this can be easily fixed.


The Upfiring token has a huge potential and no competitors. Once the Upfiring team redesigns their logo to be more appealing and launches their beta, they are ready for lift-off. Filesharing is one of the things that urgently need to be worked, so let’s do it!

This analysis was requested by a reader, be sure to let us know if you’d like a specific coin reviewed!

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