Trezor unveils new Product – Model T

A few hours ago Trezor, the Hardware wallet manufacturer, unveiled it’s newest product – the Model T.

What’s new about Model T?


Trezor added a touchscreen to their wallet, enabling users to enter their PIN on the Model T itself, thus increasing its security. On the older model, users were prompted to enter their PIN on their Computer/Phone. (Since the prompt on the other device would not show which button correlated to which number, the Trezor would show which button was which on its screen.) This makes entering the PIN much less of a hassle. Additionally, since there is now a touchscreen using LEDs, the device is now able to display colours.


The new model is now connected using the new USB-C port.

Improved Security

Previously, the Trezor would communicate with the other devices to prompt for the PIN. As mentioned above, they have improved their security, by keeping the Authentication local. The device will not communicate nor draw power until the authentication is successful.


The Model T preorders will be shipped in January 2018. The prices for preorders will go up, therefore we recommend you purchase your Model T now if you want it.

Is it worth upgrading?

No. If you already have a Trezor or other hardware wallet, we would advise against upgrading. Currently, it’s price is sitting at 139€ for pre-order, which is not worth it for just a touchscreen.


Pre-Order here:

Model T announcement:

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Price is very high right? Isnt Ledger Wallet better?