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How to make an ICO Coin

Nowadays, ICOs have become a widespread method of collecting money. Companies whose product isn’t even crypto related make their own “Coin” to get money. In this article, we will have a look at Jeff, the typical creator of such ICOs. Unfortunately, he isn’t real, but you will find a bit of Jeff in every ICO….
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SMSCHAIN – Scam Alert!

SMSChain is an ICO supposedly aiming to let users earn money by using the users phone to send SMS. They claim that users would be able to download their app and start making easy money. A little Update: SMSChain replied to this post here but did not issue any statement regarding my reply to their…
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Worldcore – The new Cryptobank?

What is Worldcore? Worldcore (WRC) is a payment processing company which utilises traditional and Blockchain based models to process payment and is currently introducing its own token currency WRC. How it works With a Worldcore account, you can many things. You are given a Prepaid/Debit card which can be topped up with fiat and cryptocurrencies….