Stop Tabac Coin – An awful joke

I really hope that no one looks at this review of Stop Tabac Coin because they want to invest, I hope you’re here because you stumbled across this article.

What is Stop Tabac Coin?

The name would suggest a coin dedicated to helping people quit their smoking addiction or otherwise fighting against tobacco. But no, this coin is “the crypto-currency of vapers”. I am grinning while writing this, it just sounds so stupid…

They didn’t specify any other details on their webpage, however, it seems as if it were some sort of Payment Gateway token.


What’s wrong with it?

It would be easier to say whats good about this coin since it would take me a total of 0 words to describe it.

Awful branding

So this coin wants to be for the vapers – why isn’t it called Vapecoin or something similar? Vapecoin sounds cool and accurately describes its purpose. No one would guess that the Stop Tabac coin is actually for vapers.

Their website

This screenshot was taken from their website and the content was not edited. How many “mistakes” can you find? – Have a look for yourself

An overview of Stop Tabac Coin
Have a good look at it – I found 9 mistakes.

Done? Alright let’s see whats wrong – if I missed something please comment it!

  1. The “month without tobacco” doesn’t exist, there is only a small campaign in France. If this is all about something French, why isn’t it marketed more the French users?
  2. The first tab is titled “Launching”, yet they already launched.
  3. The STCn “aims to save lives thanks to the crypto”. I need some help, I’ve eaten too many Bitcoins and I’m feeling sick.
  4. “Tobacco kills, vaping is cool” – how old are you, 13?
  5. The coin has absolutely 0 detailed information, seems legit.
  6. “I believe in the number of people who own it” – Now that’s cool, literally anyone will be able to own it if its worth nothing.
  7. The previous sentence also shows that the person behind it is alone, there is no team.
  8. The roadmap is awful, there are no dates at all.
  9. Dev Modules and Web Integration – so this is a Payment Gateway?

There are also some other odd things that are not visible in this image:

  1. They call it Stop Tabac Coin, while it is actually a token.
  2. Their twitter looks as if it was managed by a kid – it probably is.
  3. The list goes on, I hope I’ve made my point.


This “Coin” is probably the worst Token I’ve seen so far – it’s almost funny. I’d love to tag it in the Scam Alert section, but since its an Airdrop, I can only say that it’s a shitty coin.

Obviously, don’t invest.


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Lol is this even a serious coin?