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The Problems with Bitcoin Cash
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The Bitcoin Cash problem

The transaction fees on the Bitcoin Network are rising to huge amounts – 10€ for a basic transaction – and its competitor, Bitcoin Cash, is doing really well. In the last week, Bitcoin Cash’s price tripled, you can view the graph here. However, I’d like to tell you why Bitcoin Cash won’t last for long….
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EthOS Download [FREE]

What is EthOS? EthOS is an operating system used for mining rigs. It let’s you control them easily and works with NVIDIA and AMD GPUs. If you’d like to mine without EthOS, stay tuned for our article on how to mine in general. How do I download it? Simply share the article using the form…
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Avesta – Scam Alert!

Let’s keep this article short, as its fairly obvious why Avesta’s ICO won’t work out. Quick overview On their website they state that they want to make cryptocurrencies easy to use and enabling the use of cryptos at PoS. They claim to be “part of a constantly worldwide growing community with cryptocurrency enthusiasts, developers and…
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Elements – Born to fail?

Nowadays, most stores have their own sort of loyalty system, which rewards returning customers. Most systems use points, which can be accumulated and spent on a product. The problem Elements wishes to adress is the follwing: You need to spend high amounts on one store in order to be able to claim a reward. They…